Retirement Solutions

At Shetland Wealth, we provide comprehensive retirement solutions tailored specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself. Our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities you face when it comes to funding your retirement dreams.

Business Succession Planning We’ll help you develop a strategy to transition out of your company through a sale, management buyout, or family succession – maximizing your ultimate retirement benefit.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Plan Design From cash balance plans to defined benefit plans, we design tax-advantaged retirement vehicles to turbocharge your savings in your peak earning years as a business owner.

Diversified Investment Management Don’t leave your nest egg tied entirely to the success of your business. We’ll construct a diversified investment portfolio using low-cost strategies to build wealth outside of your company.

Estate Planning Safeguards Proper trust and estate planning ensures your life’s work benefits your loved ones and chosen heirs while reducing taxes. We coordinate all aspects of multi-generational wealth transfer.

Asset Protection Guidance We advise on protective tools like family limited partnerships, domestic asset protection trusts, and other long-term asset shielding strategies for business owners.

Partner with us for tax planning and preparation services, and let us help you navigate the complexities of the tax system while maximizing your financial benefits.